Natural Newborn Photos

“Many of my most loved photos of myself when I was young are the ones my mom took, with me holding up my favourite toy or blanket because I couldn’t go anywhere without it, mornings cuddling my sister on the couch while we watched our cartoons, days where I refused to get dressed and ran around like a maniac, and so many more. All of these moments of me being me, frozen in time to remember and appreciate for years to come. That’s what I want to provide to my clients.”

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One-Two Hour session

Taken 1-10 days after birth

In the comfort of your own home

Includes all edited images

I also like to get a family photo, if possible

*Please note: I do not provide or shoot with props*

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I have attempted to go with the flow of newborn photography for many years now, and it has always felt foreign to me. Some of these photos that are being produced by these amazing newborn photographers are so adorable! But, it is just not me. So, I am introducing a new concept of baby photography. Gone are the buckets, endless props and miniature everything and in with the true moments of those first precious days of your babys life. I want to capture these memories to not only be able to remember how big or what these little ones looked like but when mom bathed them in the sink or big brother read them their first book, or dad fed and sang them to sleep. Bringing a new life into the world can be the most remarkable, beautiful and rewarding experience. So I invite you, to invite me, to capture your familys beauty in a comfortable, stress free, and creative fashion.